Adidas launches its new app in Canada

Adidas has launched its new app in Canada, Spain, France and Germany in a bid to attract more customers. The app, now available on the App store and Google Play, launched in the US and the UK at the end of 2017, and has since then been downloaded by more than a million users in these countries.


With the launch, the footwear and sportswear company is moving towards a “shopping experience adapted to consumer preferences and behaviour”, said the brand in a press release on Wednesday. The new app features content, product information and suggestions based on their preferences and browsing habits. It also allows customers to shop online and monitor the status of their purchases, as well as contact the company’s customer service.

The app is a “fundamental part of the digital ecosystem” of the company, says Joseph Godsey, head of digital brand commerce at Adidas. “It allows us to continue to develop our business and ensure that the e-commerce platform continues to be the fastest growing sales channel within the company,” Godsey continues.

The refreshed Adidas app will be rolled out in more countries during the first half of the year, and its implementation is part of the ‘Creating the new’ strategy, which aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the company by redefining its digital presence. The company hopes to complete the process by 2020, when it also plans to reach 4 billion euros in sales from its e-commerce platforms. This is an ambitious target, considering that revenue was 1 billion euros in 2016.

Translated by Barbara Santamaria

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