Founders menswear label Circle of Gentlemen to end partnership

The founders of Dutch menswear label Circle of Gentlemen are ending their partnership. The brand has not yet found a new owner, which means that with the decision, the activities of JGMK Fashion, the company behind Circle of Gentlemen, will also be terminated.

Circle of Gentlemen - Photo: Circle of Gentlemen

Founders Michel van Kommer and Janjaap van Gent worked together for 11 years and created collections for 24 seasons. After the completion of the upcoming spring/summer 2018 collection, Van Kommer and Van Gent will focus on the next step in their careers, separately.

Michel van Kommer and Janjaap van Gent jointly stated: “The past eleven years has been a fairytale for us. From an attic room we have grown into an international company and a leading fashion label. The most important milestone was changing the fashion image for men: with the introduction of the 3-button shirt collar and the contrasts in the shirts, we have literally changed the street scene.”

Circle of Gentlemen started in 2006 and at first specialized in shirts. Later on, its collection expanded offering jackets, trousers, polo shirts, knits, shorts and t-shirts. The collections are available at retailers across the Netherlands such as Pakkend, Morselt Mode, Van den Broek Herenmode, De Jongens 13, Spierings Herenmode, Ebeling Menswear and Schulte Herenmode.

In addition, the brand can also be found at retailers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. 

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